By Removing The Harmful Bacteria, Plaque, And Smelly Decaying Food Particles On The Back Of Your Tongue And Enjoy Fresh Breath! Click Here To Stop Bad Breath!

It is a known fact...we all have millions of bacteria living in our mouths. They actively multiply and excrete awful smelling sulfur based compounds as they die and decompose there. The bad breath they create affects not only our careers, and social life, but our close friends and our lovers. No one wants to be around if you have bad breath. Click Here Stop Bad Breath!

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The SoFresh Tongue Cleaner has a unique, patented concave head with a scraping edge that is specifically designed for gentle forward and side to side motions. This design allows for the proper cleaning of the entire surface of the tongue, especially the very back of the tongue, where the majority of foul odor-causing bacteria and decaying food particles are lodged.

It encompasses the tongue surface, preventing decaying food particles from scattering all over the mouth and being swallowed. The SoFresh Tongue Scraper affords a crucial cleaning edge that effectively reaches the back and concave portion of the tongue. Because of the excellent design and construction, FDA Grade bio-compatible quality plastic, the SoFresh Tongue Cleaner maintains its effective scraping edge for months. 

Recent Dental Researches have shown up to 90% of all cases of Bad Breath can be contributed to harmful bacteria that are not removed by brushing, flossing, or gargling alone!

The American Dental Association(ADA) News recently reported that halitosis experts agree that the dominant cause of Bad Breath is the bacteria on the tongue.

The surface of the tongue is one of the main breeding grounds for the bacteria that generates foul smelling sulfides and fills the mouth with noxious gases that smell like rotten eggs and barnyard.

Dental Research concludes that bacteria on the surface of the tongue is a major source of Bad Breath. The surface of the tongue which resembles a thick FILTHY plush carpet under a microscope is the main breeding grounds for the bad breath causing bacteria that generates foul smelling sulfides and fills the mouth with noxious gases that smell like rotten eggs and barnyard.

Your tongue is covered with millions of these bad breath causing bacteria, emitting a strong malodor. SoFresh, the most attractive and incredibly effective tongue scraper, easily and effectively removes unwanted bacteria and decaying debris from your tongue. SoFresh ensures fresher, kissing sweet breath, better health and revived taste buds making your food come alive.

Clinically Proven Dental Hygiene Breakthrough that Gives You Incredibly Fresh, Clean, Kissing Sweet Breath!

If you are like the millions of hygienically conscious consumers throughout the world that are concerned about freshness of breath, the "SoFresh" tongue scraper is for you. It is the most effective and inexpensive "instant and permanent" solution for your oral health unlike other solutions. Not like other solutions you have to buy over and over again, the "SoFresh" lasts months and guarantees a permanent solution for your Oral Hygiene. Tongue cleaning promotes fresh breath, a healthy mouth and restored tastes. In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends tongue cleaning for better oral health! It's probably NOT in your stomach!

Bad Breath from the stomach is so rare, that of a thousand people treated for bad breath by a leading bad breath researcher, not a single case was caused by gastrointestinal problems.

According to consumer advisor Dr. Richard Price on the Today Show, the only time the stomach can cause a problem is when you burp. This is because there are valves to prevent air escaping and the esophagus is normally closed ('collapsed').

According to ABC News' Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson, "Most Bad Breath is produced by a type of bacteria in the back of the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue - bacteria that thrive on lack of oxygen. These bacteria are usually washed away by saliva, but when they're not they can actually form a kind of tongue plaque, producing foul-smelling gases called volatile sulfur compounds that's what we call bad breath or halitosis."

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