"As a dentist with a practice built around prevention, I feel cleaning the tongue is an integral part of daily hygiene. Out of all tongue cleaners we have tried OraSweet Tongue Cleaner is far and away the best one. Its shape is perfect for getting right to the back of the tongue, and it cleans efficiently. Cleaning has never been easier! Dr. G. Speiser, Sydney, Australia

"As a dentist I have always been aware of the important role of tongue cleaning in maintaining good oral hygiene. The design of the OraSweet Tongue Scraper allows my patients to perform this in a comfortable way, nearly all of whom report a freshness of breath, improvement in taste as well as sensing a cleaner mouth." J.M. Dentist, UK

"I am a physical therapist/yoga instructor/small business owner. I have been using, recommending, and selling stainless steel tongue cleaners for 15 years. I saw your Orasweet tongue cleaner at my local health food store and thought I would check out the competition. What a difference! I am thrilled with your product and have put all the stainless steel cleaners on clearance. The Orasweet tongue cleaner is superior in many ways: less expensive, easier to hold and use, less dangerous (you can make yourself bleed with the steel one), more stylish and less scary looking to the beginner. I thank you and my clean tongue thanks you!" B. Dunn, San Diego,CA

"I am a dentist in NE Arkansas. Within the last two years, I've had more and more patients ask about solutions to their breath problems and the benefits of tongue scrapers, which they have read about. After looking at many products and being unhappy with their poor construction, ineffectiveness, or difficulty to use, I lucked into finding your product. Your product is easy to use, constructed well, and very effective in cleaning the tongue. It is also easily disinfected after use and my patients love it. Thanks again for coming up with a tongue scraper that I have confidence in providing for my patients." R. Teed, DDS, Newport, AR

"I am an Orthodontist and thanks to the OraSweet Tongue Cleaner for its effectiveness greatly assisting our effort in providing the professional Orthodontic Treatments and the Dental Cares to all our patients.". L. R. Serret, DDS, MS, Santo Domingo

"I just received a package of your "tongue cleaners". It's amazing! I have been bothered with a white coating in my tongue for years. Have mentioned it to doctors, and dentists and said not to worry about it. I've hated this!! Until I found you on the Internet! I thank you so much, for the "OraSweet tongue cleaner", I finally have a "red tongue"! G. Trudeau, Manchester, NH

"I am a practitioner at the Natural Health Clinic and responsible for new products. We have tested several tongue scrapers on the market and found your "OraSweet tongue cleaner" from the most user—friendly shape and effectiveness, etc., most suitable. We are interested to distribute your product." A. S., Biochemist and Naturopathic Doctor

"I've been very impressed with your tongue cleaner. Finally someone has produced the effective scraping edge that I have been screaming for." C.M. Bellevue, WA

"I must say that I am glad I received your tongue scraper. The design is superior to another brands that I have used. Thank you so much for having such an excellent product help combat halitosis. This is far, far better than mere brushing one's tongue with a toothbrush." A.M., Omaha, NE

I just love the "OraSweet"! Its unique concave head really does provide an effective scraping edge and its sure-grip octagonal handle gives me complete control (not like other scrapers I've used that were constantly slipping). My mouth feels more fresh and clean than ever before - just as you said it would!" J.Y., Atlanta, GA

"Just a note to tell you that I really enjoy using the OraSweet tongue cleaner. I've used other tongue cleaners in the past 15 years, but I find your tongue cleaner the best by far." L.J. Boston, MA

"Thank you again and I think your tongue scraper is GREAT!!! " S.B., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your help. I don't think I can live without the OraSweet Tongue Cleaner. It is now as essential as brushing and flossing to my family" J.C., Los Angeles, CA

" I really love the tongue scrapers. I am always bragging about how great they work to co-workers and friends. Those who have never used it still give me a look like a deer in headlights. They can't believe it would make any difference. But I know what a difference they make and using them is a part of my daily ritual, just like brushing." R. Buter, Spokand, WA

"Thank you so much! When my family saw mine, they all wanted to try it. Good thing I ordered four! The Davisson family will be customers for life!" K. Davisson, Houston, TX

"Hi, for the first time in so many years, my breath was normal. I have suffered with bad breath for most of my life. Chewing gum to cover it up has been a pain in my jaw. I would tell everyone what a great product it is. I am so happy that I have finally found a cure! Thanks so much." J. Connell, Petoskey, MI.

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