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Dental Floss has been found to have been used in some form by early prehistoric humans because of grooves found in their teeth. 

The person who is credited for inventing dental floss is Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist from New Orleans, Louisiana, who recommended in 1815 that people use floss made of silk. 

Dental floss wasn't available to the average consumer until 1882 and Johnson and Johnson received the first patent in 1898.

Dental floss didn't catch on until World War II when floss was starting to be made of nylon because abrasion resistance and elasticity. It is now made of Teflon expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or nylon.

The ADA recommends a person flosses at least once a day by wrapping the regular floss around the tooth and wipe the tooth from under the gum line (gently) to the tip two or three times, repeated on adjacent tooth and all other teeth too.

When you take care of your oral hygiene throughout the day, make sure to brush, floss and clean your tongue each time. Our OraSweet Tongue Cleaner is an excellent tool to use to clean your tongue. It scrapes away the bacteria off your tongue leaving your breath fresh. When brushing, we suggest you use our OraSweet Flossing Toothbrush, the only toothbrush that brushes and flosses at the same time. This soft bristled toothbrush isn't made to replace flossing but it greatly enhances your flossing skills. So click by the buy now and start on the path of a healthy and fresh mouth.